Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Organizing Teacher Paperwork and Supplies

Back at the beginning of this blog I posted one method I used for organizing common teacher paperwork... here is my updated, more organized version!

I had these Sterlite containers in the 3-drawer version, and the 5-drawer version. I figured I could use these to organize my teacher paperwork and supplies. 

With the help of zebra duct tape (I swear this stuff is my absolutely favorite...) I decided to spruce up my current paperwork system, which consisted of file folders.
I carefully cut and measured the duct tape so it would fall along the front of each drawer. 
You can see the "before" (above) and "after" (below) with the duct tape

Again, the ones of the left are finished, and the ones on the right are the "before"

After adding the duct tape to the front of the bins I printed labels for each drawer.

My school runs on a 6-day cycle, so I labeled six of the drawers Day 1-6, then the bottom three are "grade," "file," and "extras."

The labels for supplies are as changeable as you like! My classroom theme is zebra, so I was able to get away with printing in black and white, but you can certainly adapt your labels however you like! I had a drawer for: paper clips, butterfly clips, pushpins, copy request forms, homework passes, nurse passes, etc. 

I stacked my massive collection of Sharpie markers on top of the bins to keep everything together. I keep this all directly behind my desk and within easy reach.