woofs and wags.

These are the happy little beasts inspiring this section of the blog. 

Pablo is a feisty orange tabby and our first-born. He was found on the mean streets at a few months old in April of 2008. After hiding him under my hoodie to smuggle him into my dorm room for a week until his shots were complete he officially joined our family and has been the boss ever since. His hobbies include laying in cardboard boxes, and going for walks around the neighborhood in his stroller (yes, we are those people that take their cat for a walk in a stroller). He also has a penchant for creating toilet paper art, smacking my face at 4am, and meowing to go into the garage. 

Gabby is a black labrador retriever mix we adopted in January of 2013. After a bumpy twenty minutes Pablo accepted her and she found a new pack. She loves to dig holes in the yard, eat any type of work glove she can get her paws on, bark at the neighborhood chipmunks, and chew the squeaky bits out of any and all toys. Her favorite hobbies include taking logs out of the backyard fire pit, and filling every window in our house and vehicles with nose art.

Here you'll find a random assortment of posts pertaining to and associating with pets, pet products, and random furry happenings. 

July 2014

REVIEW: DogIDs Soft Grip Scruff Tag Collar

I'm absolutely obsessed with dog collars. It's my pup's only chance to show off her fashionable side, and I take that seriously. That being said, I'm also concerned with her comfort and safety. DogIDs is kind of a match made in heaven. They have very high quality, comfortable dog collars, leashes, tags, and accessories that are absolutely adorable!

It took me less than 20 minutes to decide where I was going to undergraduate and graduate school, but I probably took at least 6 hours to pick out a dog collar. Priorities. Anyway, after many hours of searching, checking, and debating I settled on this fantastic little collar that I fell in love with.

This particular collar is called the Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Collar, and retails for around $34.00 on DogIDs.com.

You can order it from their website here.

A huge feature of this collar for me was that it is waterproof, heavy, and weighted. I wanted Gabby to have a solid collar that wouldn't retain any smells (from ponds or otherwise). I love that, should she break loose, no one needs to reach under her neck to read her information. 
The collar accommodates four lines of text and the engraving is deep. This is definitely not a painted on text, but is deeply set into the metal. The tags are guaranteed for life, and it is only a $5.00 fee if you move or wish to have the information changed. 

The collar has a variety of colors and sizes. I will say that Gabby's ran a little big and we keep hers on the tightest loop, but every pup is different. They have a helpful sizing guide on the website that will help you determine the correct fit.

The Verdict:  5/5
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with a medium to large dog looking for a durable, attractive collar!

  • waterproof
  • doesn't scuff or wear easily
  • tag on the back of the neck for easy visibility
  • deep engraving
  • solid metal buckle and lead loop

  • a little larger than anticipated
  • would most likely be too heavy for a toy breed dog
I submitted Gabby's picture to the DogIDs company and they featured her on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. They did not endorse this review in any way.
You can see the DogIDs post on Facebook here!

July 2014

REVIEW: Huxley Kent Henley Striped Collar

Pablo's collar has recently become a little battered worn and I wanted him to have a new one, particularly because we just got a fence installed and he will be venturing outside a little. I decided against a breakaway collar because every single one I've tried has broken off while petting him. I understand the purpose of a breakaway collar, and I feel that they are very useful. However, Pablo is an indoor cat, and I want him to have his identification on him at all times.

Finding a non-breakaway collar for a cat is quite difficult, but I managed to find a small dog collar that would fit Pabs just fine...

This collar is a.) adorable, and b.) functional. We ordered the XS because we were ordering for a cat, but this would also serve as quite a sturdy collar for a small dog.

Here is a sizing guide for reference. You can find this collar on Wag.com here.

The Verdict:  5/5
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with a large cat or a small dog looking for a functional, sturdy, fashionable collar for their four-legged family member.

  • solid plastic buckle
  • true to size
  • colorful and bright

  • we chose to remove the little silver charm the came with the collar so it wouldn't become entangled

December 2013

REVIEW: Shanghai Kitty Mansion

Standing at 71" tall the Shanghai Cat tree by Kitty Mansions is an impressive and fun addition to your cat's collection of toys and bobbles. We were looking for a Christmas gift for our furry little guy and settled upon getting him a cat tree. We thought he would enjoy scratching it and the ability to climb up high.

If you want a high quality piece of feline furniture you certainly can't beat Kitty Mansions.

This particular piece comes in the following colors:



We decided to go with the gray because it matched our decor best. You can purchase the cat tree via Amazon here.

The Verdict:  4/5
I love the materials that KM used for the product and the functionality.

  • great quality
  • excellent height and scratchers

  • slightly smaller than my large kitty was comfortable with
  • the 'hidey-hole' was a little too tiny for comfort