Saturday, August 17, 2013

Organizing Exit Slips

Organizing and using Exit Slips (or a Ticket-Out-The-Door) definitely wasn't a priority last year (it kind of got away from me).

In order to not only remember to do them, but to check and catalog them I've 'donated' a front bulletin board for that specific purpose.

Each student in my class has a number, but this could easily work with letters, or the name of the student. It really makes no difference.

I bought a pack of miniature black paw prints (that I've used in previous posts) and a silver sharpie and went to work.

Students will have a question posed on the board and must respond on a sticky note. Before the exit the room they must stick their sticky note on their numbered paw print!

After the kiddos leave I can take my time in looking over the answers to see which students grasped a particular concept and which students didn't.