Thursday, August 15, 2013

Simple Leveled Library

Our school uses a color coding system to level books. In the past I've taken up all of my useful shelving for student books, and most of the time my kiddos check out their books from the school library, leaving many of my books to gather dust.

I'm trying to make my room flow more easily, so I decided to reclaim my shelving for teaching and student materials, and snag an extra bookshelf for my library.

Luckily a co-worker was tired of having too much extra furniture in her classroom, and I grabbed her bookshelf which was on its way to storage (yay!).

 I also grabbed a couple pleces of different colored construction paper to organize my library books. Next summer I would love to paint the interior shelving, but it's 10 days until school starts, so I'm not messing with a painting project right now.

 I kept one shelf below grade level (red), two shelves for on grade level (blue), and two shelves for above grade level (green and purple).

Here's to an organized school year!